The revival of the national defense industry became the key to the survival of Ukraine, Ukrinform reports citing Oleksandr Turchynov, National Security and Defense Council Secretary, as saying at presentation of the newest weapons and technology on the fifth anniversary of the Ukroboronprom State Concern.

“Unfortunately, it should be stated that the agreements, in particular the Budapest Memorandum, which guaranteed the inviolability of borders and security after our country refused of its nuclear status, all these transactions turned out to be just a plain paper ... Our country has been forced to rely solely on its own force. Under these conditions, the revival of the national defense industry became the key to survival,” Turchinov said.

He noted that the Ukroboronprom enterprises have properly fulfilled the tasks for production of weapons and equipment for the Ukrainian military.

“In the short term, due to concentration of production and thanks to the effective cooperation through the mobilization of new potential capacities of our country, we were able to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and other military formations with high-quality weapons and military equipment,” Turchinov said.

He also stressed that at the moment the Ukrainian manufacturers of weapons and military equipment has an important task - to restore the state's position in the world markets.

According to the Secretary of the NSDC, this task is quite realistic, because the weapons and equipment produced in Ukraine are tested not only in landfills, but also on the battlefield.

"That is why in the context of the global crisis of the world collective security system the demand for high-quality Ukrainian weapons will increase. It is important for us, and it is a priority task, that when talking about the Ukrainian weapons, everyone realizes that this is the best weapon. This is our task,” he said.