The major part of the road has already been widened by 3 meters after the trees on its both sides have been chopped down and asphalt laid in their place.


The road-widening project is still ongoing with road workers currently working outside the building of the State Council of Crimea.


Road works are also being done next to the City Council building where road workers are painting fencing in Tolstogo street.



There has been a public outcry over the trees being chopped down, with the city residents saying they never wanted the road to be widened at the expense of the trees. However, the city authorities, who made the decision, never asked for their opinion.

To make matters worse, residents of Zhukovsky street had to do without electricity and Internet after power cables were damaged as a result of the trees being chopped down a week ago.


Just a reminder: The Crimean authorities reported road works having been completed in eleven streets of Simferopol. However, speaking at a meeting of the Ministerial Council of Crimea in early August, Vladimir Alexandrenko, Head of the Technical Supervisory Department, made a statement that contrasted with that claim. According to him, the scheduled road repairs in Simferopol were taking longer than originally expected.

According to him, most of the subcontractors doing road repairs in Simferopol are not doing their job properly.