Currently, the FSB employees are taking Ilmi Umerov away from the hospital to a psychiatric clinic, Nariman Dzhelalov wrote on Facebook.

Despite the poor health state today the FSB officers are going to illegally transfer Ilmi Umerov to a psychiatric hospital, a lawyer Nikolai Polozov wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, the defense filed an appeal against the court decision requiring Ilmi Umerov to undergo inpatient psychiatric examination. However, any transfers of Ilmi Umerov are illegal unless the appellate court delivers a judgment. Furthermore, any transfers of the patient are dangerous for his life.

Earlier, Refat Chubarov reported that the officers of the Russian Federal Security Service came to the hospital to the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Ilmi Umerov requiring the doctors to discharge a suspect.

Ilmi Umerov started feeling sick during a trial. He was hospitalized with heart attack risk.

Later Nikolai Polozov told the QHA that Ilmi Umerov will stay in the hospital for some time on the doctors' recommendations.