Today is the 94th birthday anniversary of the legendary Crimean Tatar fighter and test pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Amet-Khan Sultan. A number of events are to take place in Crimea and Kirovograd city of Ukraine to commemorate the name of the pilot. Kazim Narimanov, graduate of Air-force Academy of Kirovograd, informed QHA news agency that the opening of the navigation center and dedication to the students of the academy will take place in the framework of commemoration events. “We are expecting guests from different parts of Ukraine,” said Narimanov. According to Narimanov, on October 25, the procession of cadets of the air-force academy, honorary guests, city administration and representatives of Crimean Tatar people will take place along the alley of aviators to the information stand of Amet-Khan Sultan; flowers will be laid in honor of his birthday. Documentaries dedicated to the pilot as well as the first Crimean Tatar feature-length movie “Haytarma” will also be demonstrated. Note: Amet-Khan Sultan was a Soviet fighter and test pilot. Amet-Khan graduated from military aviation school in 1940. With the German attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941 he was a pilot with the 4th Fighter Regiment, based around Odessa, flying the I-16. He claimed his first victory on 31 May 1942, ramming a Junkers Ju-88 with his Hawker Hurricane fighter. In October 1942 he transferred to the elite 9th GIAP Guards Fighter Regiment, equipped at various times with the Yak-1, P-39 Airacobra and finally the Lavochkin La-7. In action over the Briansk, south-western, Stalingrad, southern, Ukrainian, and Belo-Russian fronts, Amet-Khan flew some 603 sorties participated in 150 air battles, and personally claimed 30 planes shot down, with 19 more victories shared. In 1946 he transferred to the Reserve and became a test pilot. He was killed in a plane crash on 1 February 1971 during a test flight on Tupolev Tu-16LL. During his lifetime he personally tested over 100 planes.