(QHA) -

Luhansk declared three days of mourning for 17 civilians, killed by militants in residential neighborhoods.

Luhansk Mayor Serhiy Kravchenko said this in his order on Tuesday.

"The last days became black pages in the life of our city. Grief and sorrow came to our home Luhansk. As a result of armed conflicts, we are losing the most precious thing we have - the lives of innocent Luhansk residents that during the shelling were not on the front line, but in residential areas. Only over the last three days 17 civilians were killed, 73 people received shrapnel and gunshot wounds. Due to the tragic events I have decided to declare July 15, 16 and 17 the days of mourning in Luhansk," the mayor said.

Lugansk has been a stronghold for separatists for the last several months.

Ukrainian forces, backed by warplanes, broke a rebel blockade of Luhansk airport on July 14.