The only Ukrainian newspaper published in Crimea “Crimean Svitlytsa” is being boycotted in the region. Editorial office of the newspaper was ordered to leave tenement, located in the building of Artek in Simferopol.

Crimean distribution network "Krymsoyuzpechat" refused to distribute the newspaper. Moreover, there is no opportunity to prescribe to "Crimean Svitlytsa".

Commenting the situation, chief editor of the newspaper Victor Kachula said there only political reason’s for the newspaper’s pressure.  

“It is pointless to hope that Crimean government will remember the decree of Crimean constitution on state languages, and won’t let the only Ukrainian newspaper in Crimea die. We were thrown out of the tenement, which is now occupied for the reception of the mythical "refugees from South-East". We were refused to be disturbed for political reasons”- Kachula said.

Crimean Constitution, adopted following Crimea's annexation by Russia in March, declared Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and Russain state languages in the region.