AQMESCIT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) -  All-Ukrainian Assosiation of Social Organisations ‘Alraid’ organised first iftar in this year Ramadan.

The iftar was open for all comers. Dates and water were offered to guests during the athan, and after a namaz everyone was invited to sit down to the table. Fastings were entertained by pilau, salads and drinks.

Guests were really satisfied, because they were offered not just free food, but meeting old friends and making new ones.

It would be reminded that Ramadan month is very important part of the religion. Muslims must spend this month by showing own kindness and almsgiving (zakat and sadaqa). Also people should help those who need it, invite relatives, friends and those people who are hard up to iftars.

All-Ukrainian Assosiation of Social Organisations ‘Alraid’ organises such iftars every year and plan to organise them in future.