The so-called "Supreme Court" of the Crimea did not grant the appeal of the Crimean Tatar Seyran Saliev’s who is charged with organizing an unsanctioned meeting on May 12, 2016,

“The session began at 15:45, and at 16:00 the Court had the next session appointed. Nothing new, objective or constructive has ever been said at the trials of the Crimean Muslims. The judgment rendered was presented so long that such an "essay" is unlikely to be discussed in 5-7 minutes of the court meeting. It was only clear that the court did not grant the appeal, leaving the earlier decision unchanged,” wrote the defendant’s wife Mumine Salieva on her Facebook page.

She informed that the defense plans to appeal one more time against the decision of the Bakhchisarai District Court to impose an administrative fine of 20 thousand rubles on Seyran Saliev.

The Crimean occupying authorities charge a Bakhchisarai resident Seyran Saliev with organizing an unsanctioned meeting May 12, 2016.

That day, FSB and OMON officials conducted unreasonable searches in the houses of Crimean Muslims. Following the searches, Enver Mamut, Rustem Abiltarov, Zevr Abseitov and Remzi Memetov were arrested. Seyran Saliev wanted to inform the public, so he took a microphone and told about the searches and arrests in the local mosque.

Photo: Internet