(QHA) -

Turkish city of Istanbul has hosted the 16th International Kurultay of Turkic Youth, which is organized once in two years by International Community of Turkic Youth.

About 130 representatives from 20 countries attended the event. Crimea was represented by the chairman of Crimean Youth Center Lemara Useinova.

Among the discussed issues there were issues of economic development of Turkic World and the perspective of the trade between Turkic peoples, as well as national struggle and the influence of local conflicts.

Discussing the issue of nation struggle and local conflicts, Lemara Useinova told Kurultay delegates about the current situation in Crimea and the situation of Crimean Tatars.

“A committee on protection of rights of Crimean Tatar has recently been created in Crimea. I have proposed to create such a committee to protect the rights of Turkic people living in Russia. My initiative was supported -Useinova said. On behalf of Crimean Youth Center I have also called on Kurultay delegates to appeal to OSCE, UN and other international organizations to protect the rights of Crimean Tatars".

To recall, the 15-th International Kurultay of Turkic Youth took place in 2012.