Zubkov related the story in his blog and referred to what the Crimean custom officials are doing as ‘delayed response and lawlessness’.

“It’s been a year since I had a group of animals delivered from Germany in December 2014 and now the Crimean custom officials want me to pay duties on them. Better late than never, ha?"

According to Zubkov, he was allowed to have the animals brought in without any formalities.

“First they let me bring them in without any formalities simply because they, just like kids, have fun looking at the monkeys in December 2014. And then they launch some kind of investigation that runs from April 2015 to October 2015... And finally they want to me to pay a ridiculously high amount in custom duties. They want me to pay RUB 1,155,986 for having delivered monkeys the Osnabryuk Zoo of Germany gave the Yalta Zoo for free, as well as other animals we purchased under a contract."

Is it a blockade the Pravy Sector members have imposed that is affecting them? Or maybe these slackers want to show their meaningfulness as government employees? Or maybe they are under the spell of the name ‘Zubkov’, which is causing them to come with such ridiculously high amounts? Whatever the case maybe, this is something abnormal,” wrote Zubkov.

Director of the Taigan Park has promised to take his case to court and said:

“This should be thoroughly investigated so these newly-created and unscrupulous government bodies get their knuckles rapped”.