(QHA) - Syrians will become the world’s largest refugee population in about three months if current trends continue, according to U.N. experts, reports Reuters. More than 2.3 million Syrians have already fled the civil war in their homeland but, with 100,000 new refugees registering every month, Syria will soon outstrip Afghanistan as the biggest source of refugees. The Afghan refugee population, the world's largest for more than 30 years, has fallen from a peak of more than 6 million in the 1990s to around 2.58 million now. “The conflict in Syria shows no signs of abating and with current trends continuing it’s very likely that Syrians will become the largest refugee group in the world in a matter of months,” a U.N. source told. The United Nations appealed for $6.5 billion this week to tackle the humanitarian crisis inside Syria and support neighbouring countries hosting Syrian refugees - the biggest amount ever requested for a single humanitarian emergency. U.N. refugee chief Antonio Guterres said there could be 4.12 million Syrian refugees by the end of 2014. “We are facing what I really consider the most dangerous crisis for global peace and security since the Second World War,” he added.