The event was organized by the human rights activists from Ordfront and Amnesty International with participation of the known Music-A-Matic production, the Committee of Solidarity reports.

Some 20 people came to support the Crimeans, who became the Russia’s hostages. The event was also attended by relatives of the political prisoners - Alexei Sutuga’s  mother Olga Sutuga and Oleg Sentsov’s sister Natalia Kaplan - representatives of public organizations, political emigrants, volunteers and activists of the Ukrainian community in Sweden, holding the banners "Freedom to Crimean prisoners," "Freedom to Putin’s hostages " and "Close the Bolotnaya Square case.” 

The political prisoners’ relatives have noted that dissemination of information about the Moscow’s prisoners among Western countries is very important, and thanked the Swedish active community for their support.

Eugene Volynsky, a representative of the Ordfront NGO, stressed that domestic and foreign policies of Putin are becoming more aggressive every day.

“Arrests of opposition activists, the Crimean Tatars, bloggers and other active people are ongoing. Now even repost in social networks can be a pretext for a criminal case,” he said.

The rally participants also discussed the methods of assistance to political prisoners in the Russian Federation.

The event ended with a concert of Swedish artists at Music Hall in Gothenburg.


PHOTO: Solidarity Committee