Crimean residents, who positively respond to power outages on the peninsula, get reported to the authorities by their neighbors. A similar incident occurred in one of the villages of Saky region.

Fellow villagers reported a group of young people, mainly Crimean Tatars, to the authorities on the fact that they were supposedly ‘happy’ with failure of power supply from Ukraine to Crimea.

As a result, the young people were invited to the village council for ‘prophylactic conversation.’

“We were shocked when we learned that we have been slandered. This is a return to the USSR!” said Asan (name is changed) to a QHA correspondent.

It was reported earlier that some Crimeans complain about neighbors who have lights in their houses on. 
In Sevastopol, the advertisement appeared asking citizens ‘not to provoke the neighbors' by lights on in their apartments. Such ‘complainants’ were found in many cities of the peninsula.