(QHA) -

Children camp of “Uyan Menlik” project opened in Ak-Mechet district of Simferopol, press-service of Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea reports.

The project is implemented by the Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea together with Crimean Tatar youth NGOs to interest children to Islam, reading of Quran, Crimean Tatar customs, traditions and literature.

The first lesson, dedicated to ethnogeny of Crimean Tatars and their history, was attended by 30 children of 9-16 years old. There were also interactive games, sports entertainment and tea break.

The camp to be arranged all over Crimea, in areas of compact residence of Crimean Tatars. The lessons will be held during the summer.

In Simferopol, the camp to be arranged in Mariino,Kamenka, Fontany and Ak-mechet districts.