Now, designer clothing for Muslim women and girls is available in Simferopol starting from 640 UAH.

On August 28, an opening ceremony of the exclusive designer women's clothing store “Bella Karima” took place.

At the ceremony the models demonstrated elegant Muslim clothing for everyday life and special occasions.

“An offer to open a store in Simferopol came quite unexpectedly but we were very happy with it. In my models I combine classic and oriental elements- chastity of a Muslim woman with elements of Muslim and European style”, says designer from Russia Dilyara Sadrieva.

“My job is to allow a Muslim woman to look beautiful and elegant every day. It is easier with dresses for special occasions, but more difficult with everyday clothing; young ladies need to learn to match clothing with headwear.

Perhaps, the designer will create clothes with elements of the Crimean Tatar ornament. “If there is an interest, I will certainly use the Crimean Tatar ornament. As a brand we have registered recently, thus are quite young. But I’ve been working on the Muslim clothing style for 15 years already”, says the designer.

“Karima means noble and generous from Arabic that is why we named our brand Bella Karima. I am from Moscow myself and grew up in the European society with the European mentality, but that doesn’t prevent me from being a practicing Muslim and honor the traditions and canons of Islam”, adds Sadrieva.

During the presentation, Dilyara Sadrieva held a master class for tying head scarves.

The designer also has a line of handmade jewelry, which she makes herself.