Bakhchisaray city administration made a decision April 22 to set up a statue of “polite soldier” in Bakhchisaray.

“Setting of the statue of “polite soldier” aimed to perpetuate the memory of those, who secure peaceful conditions for Crimeans to decide upon their own future on referendum March 16”,- reads the statement.

Referendum on whether to secede from Ukraine was conducted in Crimea march 16.

Note: So-called “polite soldiers” or “the little green men” are Russian armed militants who were present in Crimea before and during the referendum.

They have stormed a number of government buildings, Crimean airports and Ukrainian military units, demanding Ukrainian soldiers to surrender.

Russia at first denied the presence of Russian troops in Crimea, but after peninsula’s annexation acknowledged the information.

“The armed men in military uniform without insignia, dubbed “the little green men” or “the polite people,” who were present in Crimea before and during the referendum there, were Russian troops,- Vladimir Putin announced at a Q&A session April 17.

According to Mr. Putin it was “the only way to ensure the referendum on the region’s status would be carried out peacefully”.