The details have been reported on Facebook by Asan Mumcu, a resident of St. Petersburg.

- How it was: May 1 in St. Petersburg. Ilmi, Dilara and I, hiding somewhere. Yana Turbova is holding a banner. MP Milonov is circling nearby like a hawk. He tried to snatch the banner out of Yana’s hands, but she with her arm in a cast didn’t give it. No wonder she is an Associate Professor with a scientific degree, wrote Asan Mumcu.

The inscriptions on the protesters’ T-shirts - "Crimea is not mine", "Recognizing the Mejlis an extremist organization is fascism!", "Price for Crimea - self-isolation of the Russian Federation", "Crimea is Ukraine" obviously evidence of the pro-Ukrainian stance of St. Petersburg residents. Not being scared of notorious repressive machine of the Russian Federation, as well as threats and detentions, they openly and honestly defend their civic stance.

At the same time the protesters even were not afraid of a Russian police officer capturing on a video the Ukrainian and the Crimean Tatar flags.

Photo: Hasan Mumcu