Simferopol / Aqmescit (QHA) -

On August, 19, Ali Gurdin, Head of Muslim Tour, visited the head office of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea and Sevastopol (SAMCS). As it’s known, Muslim Tour is a Russian tour operator organizing Hajj and Umrah of Russian Muslims, reports SAMCS press service.

The meeting held at the Crimean muftiyat (Islamic Council for the affairs of religion) was attended by Ali Gurdin, Emirali Ablaev, the spiritual leader of Muslims of Crimea, Arthur Reshytov, Head of SAMCS Department of External Relations and Ayder Adzhimambetov, Executive Secretary to Crimean Mufti. The topic of upcoming pilgrimage of Muslims and Hajj organization has been touched upon.

Ali Gurdin, Head of the Muslim Tour, said that the company's goal was to create all the necessary conditions for the Hajj as it’s one of the main forms of Muslims’ worship. Having many years of experience in organization of small and large pilgrimages, the company professionally handles issues related to transportation, paperwork, medical care and convoy.

Arthur Reshytov, Head of SAMCS External Relations, also said the reception of documents from Crimean Muslims, wishing to go on pilgrimage this year, had been completed and all the Muslims had already been done compulsory vaccination for infectious diseases prevention and now they are preparing for the pilgrimage.

Just a reminder: this year Crimean Muslims have been allocated 300 quotas for the Hajj tour, which costs $ 2,600.