(QHA) - Sri Lankan Muslim clerics are encouraging worshippers to refrain from offering animal sacrifices a day after Eid Al Adha celebrations which coincides with the Buddhists religious Poya day, reports Daily Mirror. The request to Muslim congregations during prayers has been made to avoid hurting the sentiments of the majority Buddhists in the country, said a Muslim cleric, Moulavi M. Hannan. “We have to respect the religion and culture of the people we live with,” he said during a congregational prayer. As reported, around 1.5 million Muslims are celebrating the Eid Al Adha on Wednesday in the island nation where Buddhists make up a 70 per cent of population. Muslim leaders have been urging the faithful to refrain from offering the ritual Udhiya sacrifice on Thursday. Note: Buddhists consider every full moon day of the month a sacred Poya Day, which falls a day after the Eid Celebrations this month. Animal sacrifices in Sri Lanka have become controversial since the recent past with Buddhist groups calling for its ban as killing of any life form is against Buddhist scriptures.