A square facing the arches in front of Simferopol’s Central Market is to be fenced off as of tomorrow, Gennadiy Bahirev, Mayor of Simferopol, ordered after inspecting the market.

According to him, there is a risk of epidemic diseases breaking out on the square.

“There’s garbage all over the place because the trash cans don’t get emptied on an hourly basis. And that causes all this dirt and flies. If it goes on like this, we risk having an epidemic on our hands, “said the Mayor.

“The vendors fail to show permits for renting stalls when asked for,” Krym Media news agency reports Bahirev as saying. “It works like this: when asked for a permit, they say it’s in another location. And when we get there, there’s no permit. Then they call their boss and it’s all up to chance whether he’ll bring it or not, “says Baharev.

In early July, stalls were taken down in Kozlova street in Simferopol. A parking lot is scheduled to be built in place of the demolished market there.