A special ‘guest’ is expected to appear at İstanbul Airshow, the International Aviation Exhibition of equipment and special service technologies, this year. Having been held every two years at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport since 1996, the air show Airex was renamed in 2014. 

According to the latest information, a Ukrainian AN-158 plane, manufactured at Antonov plant, will be presented at the exhibition. Just a few days ago it became known that Turkey intends to construct TAN-158 aircraft on the basis of Ukrainian AN-158 aircraft. So, according to the BagimsizNavacilar website, Vice-President of Antonov plant said that the AN-158 aircraft would take part in the İstanbul Airshow exhibition.

It should be noted that three years ago Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was personally involved in inspection of this aircraft in Ankara. Now it is reported that Ukrainian Antonov plant will be passing on technologies and support aircraft construction projects in Turkey.

The Ukrainian AN-158 aircraft can carry up to 99 passengers and 9.8 tons of cargo. It is able to take off from a distance of 1,900 meters, and climb to 12,200 meters. The average speed of the plane is 870 km/h, and it can cover the distance of 2,500 kilometers.

Photo: Internet