Solidarity with Crimea party, organized by Crimean Tatar Committee on Culture and Mutual Assistance of Turkey (Dernek), took place in Ankara March 7..

According to the organizers, the event was not just an amusement, but was aimed to show the youth the culture of Crimean Tatars.

The special focus was paid to the fact that Crimean Tatars managed to save their culture in the places of exile, amid the deportation of 1944.

The participants of the event have also prayed for mother of Crimean Tatar historian Khakan Cichek Qirimli, who passed away March 4.

In his speech, Chairman of the Dernek Tuncer Kalkay expressed his confidence that Crimean Tatar people would get through all the difficulties they face, referring to the ban on Crimean Tatar leaders on entry Crimea.

There was also performance of a folk group, headed by Meryem Kadyrova, which performed Crimean Tatar national dances, such as “Agyr Ava”, “Bakchisaray Khaytarma”, “Tym-Tym” and the others.

All the Crimean Tatar dances, performed during the event, made the guests feel like they were in Crimea..