MOSCOW (QHA) - The former employee of CIA and National Security Agency responsible for the biggest security leak in American history, Edward Snowden, has fled Hong Kong and is now in a transit zone at an airport in Moscow, from where he has booked a flight to Caracas with a Cuban stopover.
The airport has been alive with journalists eager for a glimpse of the elusive whistleblower, and the passengers on his flight in disembarked in the full glare of the world’s media, but of Snowden there was not a sign, Euronews informs.
He has demanded political asylum in Ecuador, and reportedly met with the Ecuadorian ambassador at the airport, whose car was seen outside. The meeting was secretive and behind closed doors with only a one-line statement issued that Snowden would be seeking asylum
one of the US senators accusses the Russian president Putin of complicity to Snowden.