Simferopol (QHA) - According to member of Crimean parliament and head of Congress of Russian communities of Crimea Sergey Shuvaynikov, authors of the “Memory book of Eastern Crimea. Asked to remember”- Vladimir and Maria Shirshovs are unfairly being prosecuted as their book “is based on reliable sources”. He said this during the press conference in Simferopol. Commenting ‘The Crimean Tatar issue’ chapter of the book, which caused a storm of negative emotions among the Crimean Tatars, he said, -“Shirshov’s book is based on documentary sources and those 15 pages from ‘The Crimean Tatar issue’ chapter were also prepared on the base of historical documents and were not just made up”. He said that “it’s just some Mejlis members, who wanted a political sensation, didn’t like some phrases about participation of some Crimean Tatars on the side of the fascist army”. Besides, he made unflattering comments regarding the four volumes of “History of Crimean Tatars” by Valeriy Vozgrin. “The edition is based on flawed concept of cynical Russophobia, insult and humiliation of the Russian people and other people living in Crimea, namely the Jews, Karaims, Krimchaks, Greeks…,” said Shuvaynikov. As reported earlier, a book called “Memory book of Eastern Crimea “Asked to remember” that justifies deportation of the Crimean Tatar people from Crimea in 1944 was published in Kirovskiy district of Crimea on the district budget funds. According to its authors, Vladimir and Maria Shirshovs, the book should attain the status of a textbook. With that purpose, the book was disseminated in schools and libraries of Kirovskiy district. Another book, a four volume “History of Crimean Tatars” by famous Russian historian, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor Valeriy Vozgrin was presented in Simferopol on August 14, 2013.