Shuster goes on hunger strike as banned to work in Ukraine

The Employment Agency stripped Savik Shuster of a work permit as he provided false information for the permit extension.

27 April 2016 10:29

A prominent TV talkshow host in Ukraine declared he was going on hunger strike in protest over a decision by the Employment Agency in Kiev to strip him of his work permit. According to the Agency, the TV journalist provided false information for the permit extension, in particular, this is about the criminal proceedings.

Due to a ban, Shuster claimed he had gone on a hunger strike and would keep it until he is permitted to work in Ukraine.

- I declare a hunger strike until my right to work in Ukraine is returned to me. I'm going to starve unless these people change their decision, Shuster told a press conference as cited by RBC-Ukraine.

In his view, he has been stripped of a work permit since he became a "hurdle" for Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko.

- I’ve become a hurdle for the main person - the Guarantor of the Constitution, said Shuster.

According to the Ukraine’s Independent Media Union and the National Union of Ukrainian Journalists called the work ban of Savik Shuster is illegal.

Photo: Internet