Nov 10, a young Crimean Tatar artist and designer Shevket Keshfidinov launched his new novel "Love. Hatred. Money" in the Republican Crimean Tatar Library named after I. Gasprinskiy.

The author told the QHA (Crimean News Agency) the history of the novel:

- The book has been created over the years. I started working when I was in the 8th grade and finished being a sophomore at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts in 2012. Then, for a year I worked on stylistics and in 2013 the novel was published. The book launch was held in the youth library of my school, said Shevket Keshfidinov.

He said that in contrast to his other works, in this case firstly there was a title, and only then a text of the novel.

- The first words I wrote were" love, money and hatred." I knew I was going to write about love, hatred and money as a driving force in the life of any man. As I said at the launch, I wish everyone’s life consisted of love with no hatred, and I also wish money were not a deciding factor in any actions. I think readers will agree with me that these are three fundamental pillars of our lives, said the writer.

Detective novel "Love. Hatred. Money "is illustrated with graphic works by the author and is issued in edition of 500 copies at his own expense.

The novel, translated by Zera Bekir, a chief editor of "New World" newspaper, is ready to be published in the Crimean Tatar language. The book can be found in the library n.a. Gasprinsky, Republican Library n.a. Franco, as well as in the libraries of a number of Ukrainian cities.

During the launch a critic and Honored Artist of Autonomous Republic of Crimea Elmira Cherkezova, Ph.D. Edie Memetova, psychologist Seydamet Mustafayev, reporters Server Bekirov and Gulnara Useinova shared their impressions about the novel. The guests praised the novel, saying they read it very quickly and with great pleasure.

Leila Kadyrova, Deputy Director of the Republican Crimean Tatar Library n.a. I.Gasprinskiy, presented Shevket a book by Ablyaziza Valiyeva from the series "Our famous writers” called “Shakir Selim. Literary portrait."

The book launch was also attended by teachers and students of the Lozovsky special boarding school, as well as a Crimean honored artist Rustem Memetov, who performed the Crimean Tatar folk songs.

Reference: Keshfidinov Shevket Rustemovich, an artist and designer, was born in 1991 in the city of Chirchik (Uzbekistan). He studied in the studio of "Etude" under the guidance of a painter and graphic artist Zinchenko A. M. In 2012, he finished the Faculty of Design at the Crimean National University of Culture and Arts. Pictorial, graphic and photographic works by a young artist were launched at the personal and collective exhibitions in Crimea and Slovakia.

Shevket Keshfidinov won the first place in the Republican exhibition "Crimea through the eyes of young people" (2014, Crimea) and received the award "The best graphics, colorful idea in black and white - 2015" (2015, Slovakia).