(QHA) -

Cathedral mosque of Sevastopol, which marks 100 years since its creation needs immediate repair of the roof, Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea informs.

The repairing work is estimated at $ 20,000. Muslim community of Sevastopol calls all those who are not indifferent to assist in repairing the mosque.

Earlier, Head of Chechen Republic of Russian Federation Ramzan Kadyrov announced he would build a mosque in Sevastopol.

"Local Muslim community asked to help restore old mosque in Sevastopol. Ahmad Kadyrov Foundation made e decision to satisfy this wish and to make a gift to Hero City of Sevastopol and build a beautiful mosque" -Kadyrov wrote on his page in Instagram.

Note: Sevastopol cathedral mosque was build by the order of Nicholas II-- the last Emperor of Russia -- in memory of his father Aleksandr III. “In memory of Aleksandr III of Russia”- reads the inscription written at the entry of the mosque in Russian and Arabic languages.

The first prayer was performed in the mosque by Crimean Tatar educator Ismail Gasprinsky.