Pro-Russian meeting participants stormed the Luhansk Regional State Administration, Ukrinform reports.

About 2,000 separatists from the captured SBU building moved to the building of the Luhansk Regional State Administration, knocked out windows in the building and rushed inside.

They planned and announced in advance their action, having put forward an ultimatum to the regional authorities. Among the demands was an amnesty to all political prisoners, holding of a referendum, cancellation of an increase in prices and tariffs, as well as giving the status of the state language to the Russian language.

Luhansk Regional State Administration officials in anticipation of the assault left the premises in advance.

As reported, on April 29, at 14:00, an ultimatum expired, which was put forward to the local authorities in Luhansk by the SBU invaders.

According to a source, an assault of regional broadcasters is also prepared for today.