The pilgrims are scheduled to visit the holy places in Medina, including the Prophet’s Mosque and other sites each Muslim holds dear, before going to Mecca for performing the rites of Hajj, reports the press service of the Spiritual Administration Of Crimean Muslims.

The pilgrims were seen off at the airport by Esadullakh Bairov, Deputy Mufti of Crimea, representatives of the Crimean government, as well as family members. The Deputy Mufti bid the pilgrims a good journey and offered a prayer to the Almighty, asking him to accept Hajj of the Crimean Tatars and make the performance of Hajj rites easier.

On their journey to the holy places the pilgrims will be accompanied by representatives of Muslim Tour travel operator, as well as employees of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea and Sevastopol who will be providing them with all kind of help and advice. The pilgrimage is scheduled to last 20-21 days.

It was reported earlier that a first group of pilgrims numbering 150 have departed from Simferopol on September 7. A third group made up of 22 individuals is expected to travel to the holy places by plane on September 14. A total of 322 individuals from Crimea are expected to make their pilgrimage this year.