On suspicion of illegal entry into the ports of the annexed Crimea, the State Border Service of Ukraine has brought to justice around 38 ship crews, according to the SBSU’s website.

The violators have brought to justice thanks to round the clock surface monitoring by specialists of the Main Control Center of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

“With the help of data provided by the system, it’s possible to determine the type of vessels, home port, flag, place of last port call, the approximate time of arrival at the next port, and traffic route,” says the report.

As noted, the ships have been charged with nearly UAH 240 thousand.

One of the important functions of the operational control division of the SBSU Marine Protection Service, monitoring the situation on the maritime borders of Ukraine, is to maintain information exchange with the border services of the coastal states. This refers to vessels which are under suspicion or have dangerous cargo. 

Due to innovative developments, the border department has started the implementation of the wireless communication system to communicate with ship and boat teams carrying out their mission in the sea. This system ensures stable communication channel that opens up the possibility of video conferencing between any control link and the commander of the ship, as well as allows creating a system for visual observation of the situation both on the ship and its perimeter, which makes it possible to avoid the admission of unreliable data on the situation.

Photo: Internet