A Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, waiting for the verdict of the Russian court, became the laureate of the Jan Karski Eagle Award. Savchenko was awarded the prize for "hardened spirit in the struggle for human dignity and pride," according to Radio Poland.

- She has been abducted from the territory of her own country, the charges were rigged. She is being held in Russia, despite the protests of the entire civilized world. The way she behaves in a Russian prison gives an example of a person who may be deprived of life, but cannot be broken. Now she is on a hunger strike, said the jury of the Award.

Jan Karski established the Eagle Prize in 2000, shortly before his death. The Award of the Polish diplomat, the person who told the world about the Holocaust, is handed over, according to him, to "the Poles, who care about Poland with dignity," and citizens of other countries who "support Poland although they are not Poles."

In 2015, the prize was first awarded posthumously to Boris Nemtsov.

Photo: Intenet