At night, Savchenko arrived in the ATO zone in order to meet with her comrades-in-arms, reported the press-center of the ATO headquarter.

- A night visit of the Ukraine’s Hero Nadiya Savchenko to the ATO zone was a surprise for everyone. However, the Ukrainian MP managed to communicate with many of the military and met with her former colleagues, according to a Facebook post by the ATO headquarter.

During the visit to Donbas Savchenko also flied a MI-24 combat helicopter.

As QHA reported earlier, May 31 the Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadiya Savchenko for the first time came at a session of the Ukraine's Parliament following her release from the Russia’s captivity. Savchenko entered the session hall holding the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar flags. In her speech, she stressed that in the course of her work in Verkhovna Rada she won’t allow the MPs to forget about the people who gave their lives for Ukraine.

Photo: Internet