Crimean Mufti Emirali Ablayev had presented a “Halal” certificate to the sausage producer in Trudovoye settlement of Crimea Rustem Mavlyudov, confirming that production of this manufacturer is acceptable for consuming by Muslims (Halal-means acceptable by Islamic food restrictions, not containing forbidden ingredients).

Mufti Emirali Ablayev said that the committee of Muslims of Crimea had closely monitored the production process. “We feel responsible for examining it as the State doesn’t have such norm as ‘halal’, thus is not obliged to check it”, sayd Emirali Ablayev.

“Such certificate is needed as today there are plenty of sausage shops that forge products, they put a “Halal” tag on the production without knowing what “Halal” really means”, said Rustem Mevlyudov, the manufacturer.

As reported earlier, the committee of Muslims of Crimea recently warned Crimean Muslims about so-called “Halal” products, which are produced without any certification from the committee of Muslims.