(QHA) -

Central mosque of Crimean city of Saki, that was set on fire in October, 2013, to reopen its doors on the eve of Muslim holy month of Ramadan, press-service of Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea reports.

On June 27, Muslim will perform the Friday prayer. On Friday night they will perform the Tarawih -- prayer that is traditionally performed at night in the holly month of Ramadan.

The restoration of the mosque was financed by local employees. Still there is not enough money to finish the work.

As reported the mosque in Saki was set on fire on October 15, on the Eve of Kurban Bayram. The cost for the repair works was estimated at UAH 500 thousand.

The spiritual administration of Muslims of Crimea announced a fundraising campaign for the restoration of the mosque; settlement account was opened at the name of the chief Imam of Sakskiy district and Evpatoria town Emirasan Umerov.