Russian-Turkish Research Center at the Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow was closed, says a statement published on the Center’s website.

“Unfortunately, we have to inform you that our center was closed. The Turkish-Russian Scientific Center at the Library for Foreign Literature no longer exists. Courses of Ottoman language have been discontinued. Moreover, we will not be able to provide assistance to graduate students and undergraduates,” reads the statement.

It’s being reported that all scheduled round-table discussions, lectures and conferences have been canceled and the library stock is no longer available. The employees ask to address to the Library’s administration for comments as they do not know the reasons for abolishing their Center. 

The Russian-Turkish Research Center was engaged in development of bilateral exchange of scientific researches, support for the study of Turkey in Russia and Russia in Turkey, arrangement of round tables, seminars, conferences, summer and winter schools, as well as creation of the library collection in Turkish and research works of Turkey in Russian.