Russians to Crimeans: Go back to where you belong!

A teacher from the Russian city of Saint Petersburg is begging residents of Russian-occupied Crimea to hold a vote on returning Crimea to Ukraine.

23 February 2016 17:33

According to a message a user nicknamed RoksolanaToday&Крым posted on her Twitter page, Yelena Kulagina, a teacher from Russia, published her appeal in a group for Sevastopol residents on a Russian social media VKontakte:

“I’m urging residents of Crimea to hold a vote and go back to where they belong. I can’t go on living like this if the dollar costs as much as it does now. Things were so well before you came around. I work as a teacher and my salary has been cut after Russia annexed Crimea. Please, leave”.

According to a decree adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament, the date of temporary occupation of Crimea is set as February 20, 2014.