AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QAH) - Russians continue to fight against Crimean Tatar cultural centre
Although the Head of the Russian Community of Crimea Serhii Tsekov has assured they are not against a construction of the Crimean Tatar cultural centre on Karl Marx Street in Aqmescit, NGOs affiliated with the RCC continue to struggle against this construction.
Thus, members of the Russian Women’s Club, Society of protection and preservation of cultural heritage” have given their regular press conference on so-called “House of Arendts” on July 4.
They informed the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine requests the republican committee of ARC for interethnic relations and the formerly deported citizens and the ARC Council of Ministries at the instance of these two NGOs to stop all activities concerning the “House of Arendts” till a final consideration of the expert council. Pro-Russian forces are speculating on the fact that known Russian physician, the father of the aeronautics, Nikolay Arendt resided in this building. Moreover, they consider this building is a monument of the architecture of the XIX century. The pro-Russian activists found the descendant of Arendts in Moscow and involved them to dispute about the building. Some Ukrainian experts in the architecture and art history support these activities.
It would be recalled that the Crimean government gave the building on Karl Marx Street, 25, for the Crimean Tatar Arts Museum 14 years ago. However, the authorities did not even bother to find funds to restore this building and to place the museum into the building over these years. Meanwhile, the building was going to ruin for years.
In conclusion, the Crimean Tatar public found a way out of this situation: the Qırım Charitable Fund to buy this building and to construct a multistory building for the Crimean Tatar cultural centre where the Crimean Tatar Arts Museum to get 2 floors. The Turkish government agreed to allocate funds to construct a building for the Crimean Tatar cultural centre.
As soon as the construction of the Crimean Tatar cultural institution became as a reality, the pro-Russian NGOs began their aggressive struggle against this. Noteworthy, they do not care about the fate of other historic buildings in the city. All the more so they do not care the fate of the Crimean Tatar monuments of the architecture and history of the XIII-XVII centuries that are going to ruin too: mosques of Eski Qırım/Staryi Krym, the Khan Palace in Bağçasaray/Bakhchısarai, the Tekiye of Dervishes in Kezlev/Yevpatoriya, etc. The Crimean government in its Head Anatolii Mohyliov also supports the pro-Russian NGOs and stated to disallow to build the nine-storeyed Crimean Tatar cultural centre.
Also it is not any answer to a proposal of the Qırım Charitable Fund: the fund is ready to give up their plan if the Crimean government or somebody else to buy back these ruins and to compensate incurred charges. But there is no any answer up to now.