Following the occupation, the peninsula swarm with new magnets showing Putin, sanctions and Muscovites. It should be noted at once that the souvenirs were not made for thinking people.

This is a photo showing Vladimir and Dmitriy snobbishly drinking "tea" was made in Sochi (Krasnodar Krai, Russia), but certainly not in the Crimea. In Crimea, the only thing these two have managed to do in Crimea is promise to build a bridge, and then say well, we have no money, but hang on in there, reported the website Optimization of optimism.

But someone decided that if you put them on the background of the Swallow Nest and Ayu-Dag, they will immediately stop caring about the sanctions. Well-well!

And these are magnets about this famous phrase "was no money, but hang on in there". And it is not a problem at all the lettering has misspellings, the main thing after all is the essence.

Who does not jump, the Muscovite.

Comes in and comes out. No comments.

There is also a magnet with a quote from the movie "White Sun of the Desert", which is "adapted" especially for Putin.

Interestingly, who buys these souvenirs, and if so, than for what?

PHOTO: optimism Optimization