MOSCOW (QHA) - Police in Moscow say they're looking for suspects in the burning of a Koran and an attack on a Muslim man. A video, in which a group of young men is seen burning a Russian translation of the Koran with several lighters, was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 5, RIA Novosti reported. None of the suspects are visible in the video, however, they identify themselves as fans of Moscow soccer club CSKA. The video ends with a shot of a man with bruises on his face. Police said the incidents seen in the video appear to be retaliation attacks for recent suicide bombings in Volgograd. Attacks on two successive days in December left 34 people dead in Volgograd's main railway terminal and on a trolleybus. In October, a woman wearing a suicide vest killed six people on a commuter bus in the southern city. The police department has launched an investigation into the video in an effort to find those responsible.