SEVASTOPOL (QHA) - A picket, organized by Russian organizations, took place at the building of future Chabad synagogue in Sevastopol, reports RISU. The picket was attended by about 100 people, “armed” with flags and banners of Russian organizations and parties. The picketers stood for ban of all sects in Ukraine. According to organizers, only traditional religions must remain. According to the activists, activity of Chabad community in Ukraine is illegal and undermines the moral foundations of society. “They are guests in Ukraine” – they noted. Speaking on behalf of the Orthodox inhabitants of Sevastopol, the picketers urged the city authorities to stop the construction of the synagogue and expel its initiators from the city. “Behind our wall they are constructing a temple, a Chabad synagogue! What do the Russian organizations say? We are not against other religions, but we are for those religions that are traditional. Orthodox, Catholics, Buddhists, Jews, but only in compact places, but Chabad is a Zionist malevolent sect, and it has no place on our land,” said the organizer of the picket Volodymyr Tyunin. However, Chief Rabbi of Sevastopol Benjamin Wolf told reporters that he is surprised by the picket. “We are working perfectly legal, we have a building permit, we try to do everything quietly and well,” said the rabbi. Note: Chabad is a Hasidic movement that adheres to the Orthodox practice of Judaism. It was founded in Russia in 1775. Chabad is today one of the world's largest and best-known Hasidic movements.