(QHA) -

Russian nationalists are planning to conduct “Russian March” action Nov 4 in Crimean cities of Simferopol and Sevastopol.

All the Russian organizations were urged to take part in the action, E-Crimea reported.

Activists also plan to hold rally at the building of State Council of Crimea.

Note: Russian March is an annual nationalist mass demonstration in several major Russian cities and in other countries in the former Soviet Union. Russian marches usually take place on or around November 4, on the Day of National Unity celebrated in Russia.

Russian marches usually feature different nationalist organizations, such as Movement Against Illegal Immigration, the main organiser of rallies, SS - the Slavic Union, RFP Pamyat, the Movement "Resistance", the National State Party of Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia among others. In Russian March-2009 there were visitors from Ku Klux Klan.