Ekaterina Sergatskova, Russian journalist born in Volgograd and working as a freelancer for Focus, Ukrainska Pravda and Esquire, will receive an award for the reports about war in Donbas.

The journalist wrote the chronology of events for the bilingual edition ‘#EUROMAIDAN - History In The Making’ (2014, editor-in-chief Gleb Gusev). ‘The War in Three Letters’ book by Ekaterina Sergatskova (co-authored with Artem Chapay and Vladimir Maksakov) was issued by Folio publishing house in March, 2015.

The Kurt Schork Awards bestowed on brave freelance journalists covering war events in developing countries. The program is named after an American journalist who died in Sierra Leone in May 2000, while on assignment for international news agency Reuters.

“The very thought of winning the Kurt Schork Award for my reports about the war in Donbas scares me,” Ekaterina Sergatskova said.

The awarding ceremony is to be held in London on October 29, 2015.

It is worth noting that Ekaterina Sergatskova received the Ukrainian passport from the hands of Petro Porosheko, President of Ukraine, on April 2015.