(QHA) - Last week, the leader of the LDPR party Vladimir Zhirinovsky alarmed the public with many comments made on Russia’s Rossiy-1 TV channel, which many felt was an incitement to ethnic and religious hatred. Zhirinovsky called for the quarantining of the Caucuses, as well as the imposing of a police curfew, according to World Bulletin. He later defended his comments, implying that they are simply international practices to ward off drug-dealing and "terrorism", although he did not mention which countries apply such measures. Regardless, his speech angered the 10 million people living in the Caucuses, most of whom are Muslims. The LDPR leader also said that he proposed reducing the birth rate in North Caucasus republics by introducing a fine for women who gave birth to their third child. A prominent Russian Orthodox priest, Vsevolod Chaplin, criticized the far-right leader’s comments and was quoted by RT as saying “Russia can have a future only as a community of all peoples that created it and that have formed it over many centuries. This is why the people of the Caucasus who play a serious role in modern Russia’s life and its history, should develop freely, including the freedom to give birth to as many children as they deem necessary. The same applies to the Russian people.” The Chechen Republic has suspended the LDPR party’s activities in the region while the leader of the liberalist party Yabloko, Sergey Mitrokhin, has called for Zhirinovsky to be charged with Nazism.