Russian court refused parole to Jemilev’s son

Soviet District Court of Astrakhan city refused to parole Hayser, son of Mustafa Jemilev - leader of Crimean Tatars, at the meeting on February 25, 2016.

25 February 2016 16:00

“The court refused to release on parole Hayser Jemilev to the anniversary of the events taken on February 26. He is being held hostage by the Kremlin, to put pressure on his father,” Nikolay Polozov, his lawyer and human rights activist, twitted. 

He also noted that the decision would be appealed to the Court of Astrakhan.

As QHA reported earlier, Hayser Jemilev was sentenced in Russia to 5 years of imprisonment. A jury acquitted Hayser Jemilev on charges of premeditated murder, but found him guilty of possessing weapons and ammunition, as well as causing death by negligence.

Later on, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation reduced Hayser Jemilev’s sentence to 3.5 years, but refused to transfer him to Ukraine.

Photo: Internet