Simferopol (QHA) - According to Russian organizations of Crimea, four-volume ‘History of Crimean Tatars’ by famous Russian historian, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor Valeriy Vozgrin incites and provokes interethnic strife between people living in Crimea. Member of Crimean Parliament, head of congress of Russian communities of Crimea Sergey Shuvaynikov said this at a press conference in Simferopol. “The edition is based on flawed concept of cynical Russophobia, insult and humiliation of the Russian people and other people living in Crimea, namely the Jews, Karaims, Krimchaks, Greeks…,” said Shuvaynikov. Representatives of Russian communities of Crimea substantiated their distrust in the ‘History of Crimean Tatars’ by Vozgrin by alleged use of “falsified sources or sources that simply do not exist”. According to them, Vozgrin has implemented the political order of Mejlis of Crimean Tatars thus rendering a disservice to the Crimean Tatar people and other people residing in multiethnic Crimea. During the press conference it was announced that the Congress of Russian Communities of Crimea intends to apply to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Crimea with the requirement to give a legal assessment to the statements by Russian historian for inciting ethnic and religious hatred. The Congress has prepared a written statement entitled “Russian historian Valeriy Vozgrin is a Russophobe and initiator of ethnic hatred!” “Russian organizations of Crimea will make every effort that Russophobic, racist and xenophobic views of certain historians do not lead to escalation of ethnic hatred in Crimea,” reads the statement. As reported earlier, on August 14, 2013, presentation of four volumes of Crimean Tatar history by famous Russian historian, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor Valeriy Vozgrin took place in Simferopol. To recall, ‘History of Crimean Tatars’ consists of four volumes. The first volume is dedicated to the times of Crimean Khanate; the second is about history of Crimea under the Russian Empire rule. The third volume describes Soviet times, while the last one is dedicated to war and post-war period in the history of Crimean Tatars. Besides author’s research materials, the books contains documents from XV till XX centuries from 9 domestic and 2 foreign archives (Russia, Denmark, Sweden), essays of foreign historians, who have visited or lived in Crimea from the Middle Ages till XX century, diaries, collections of letters, travel notes of diplomats, doctors, militaries, evidences of Crimean Tatars and other publications. Note: Valeriy Vozgrin was born in Simferopol. He is a Doctor of historical sciences, Professor of the history department of St. Petersburg State University (Russia), head of Research and Scientific Center “Menshikov Institute”, member of the royal Danish Academy of Sciences. He is the author of more than 150 historical works published in Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Italy and other countries.