The Russian training plane has violated the Polish airspace heading in to the city of Krakow, a representative of the Defense Ministry of Poland Bartlomiej Misevich told on the air of the Polish TVP Channel.

According to him, the incident took place on Friday July, 29. The Polish fighter jets intercepted the plane, which was in the prohibited area, and forced it to land.

Following landing at the airport in the city of Radom, a pilot was detained and questioned. According to the preliminary information, the Russian plane arrived in Poland to participate in the World Championship in Aerobatics, which is due to start on August, 5.

The pilot did not inform in advance on the route and therefore got into a hundred-kilometer zone around Krakow, the no-fly due to the World Youth Day celebrations. Since 2015 Russian drones regularly violate the Polish airspace.

According to the Polish Defense Minister Antony Macierewicz, such incidents have been often recorded on the Poland-Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Internet