Graham Phillips, a journalist of Russia Today and Zvezda (Star) Russian propaganda TV channels, was detained in Latvia, Delfi reports.

Reportedly, Phillips tried to lead a column of legionnaires and their supporters in the old Riga, but law enforcers prevented him from doing this. Then, the journalist, wearing a ‘press’ vest, began to shout, "Why do you glorify fascism?" requiring a response from the marchers, most of whom ignored him. 

As a result, Phillips was detained by police and accused of provoking people. The actions of law enforcement officers got applause of the event participants.

It was reported earlier that Graham Phillips was detained by SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) in 2014. He was then expelled and banned from entering the country for three years. However, this did not stop the propagandist from getting to Donbas through Russia and continue his work there.

Photo: Internet