(QHA) -

Russia to release a movie about Crimea’s joining to Russia titled “The Sea is Choppy”, produced by Russian company Avatar Film. The movie will narrate the story of people amid dramatic events taking place on February-March in Crimea.

The main role of old man-bendera will be played by people’s actor of Russia Stanislav Govorukhin, other roles will be also played by Russian actors.

“There is Crimea, Kyiv, love, dislike, friendship in the movie. The main characters are very young people, still I cannot reveal the plot”- movie director Sergey Shargunov said.

According to him, there are independent investors, who are ready to allocate $1 mln for the movie. 3 mln more are expected from Russian Ministry of culture and Movie Fund.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine following local referendum on region’s status. It was annexed by Russia in March, a move that was not recognized by Kyiv, European Union and United States.