Russian occupational command reduces the activity of aerial reconnaissance on the administrative border between Ukraine and the temporarily annexed Crimea, according to Oleg Slobodyan, the Assistant Chairman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

“High military activity is not currently observed at the administrative border. Moreover, a decrease in aerial reconnaissance activity has been recorded over the last two days,” Slobodyan said.

According to him, neither Russian helicopters nor drones flew over the border. Marine boats also did not patrol the area.

“Increasing of military troops and new equipment supply are not observed. The situation at the moment is characterized as stable and calm, all entry and exit checkpoints are operating normally,” he concluded.

The Ukrainian border guards have spotted 15 Russian Mi-8 helicopters since August 7. The invaders used unmanned aerial vehicles UAV for aerial reconnaissance in 12 cases. In at least five cases, boats of various types moved along the marine administrative border, and the increased use of "Lynx" type balloons is observed near the Russian checkpoint Armyansk. One of them is still hanging in the air at an altitude of about 1 km.

Photo: Internet