Russian occupants have decided to conduct the all-Russian telephone poll of Crimean residents and find out about their attitude to the authorities and the state of affairs on the peninsula, reported a QHA correspondent.

The ideas come from the Russian government in order to control the situation in Crimea. The opinion poll on the life in Crimea is usually held by the Russian Public Opinion Foundation.

- Firstly, they ask whether you permanently reside in Crimea and Sevastopol. After that, they find out whether you are satisfied with the state of affairs on the peninsula and the authorities’ work. They want to hear the views about every Crimea activist who participated in the "reunification" with Russia. For some reason, they ask whether I will vote for Attorney Poklonskaya in the elections to the State Duma of Russia, told the Crimean residents.

Following these questions, the polees are asked about their attitude on Polonskaya’s lawsuit against Mejlis and Crimean power blockade.

Crimeans say they get calls from different regions of Russia, but, according to the numbers, most of them come from Moscow and Smolensk region. At the same time, the calls are often interrupted.

As QHA reported earlier, December 31 allegedly an opinion poll was conducted on the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning the conclusion of the contract with Ukraine on the power supply to the peninsula.

Photo: Internet